Tips for Finding Calm In the Chaos of Life
Faith & Inspiration | May 11, 2021
The winds of constant change can leave you stranded. Here’s how to embrace zen habits and find collective calm in the rapid pace of modern life.

People tend to follow the common path of predictability, comfort, and order to stray away from the chaos that may take root instead. While our choices are all good and well, chaos often finds its way into our lives anyway, and we lose ourselves in the process. If your life feels like an outrageous blockbuster flick, keep in mind that you can push pause and slow down the frame as you move ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at a few top tips for finding calm in the chaos of life. Stillness and peace are just around the bend, so hold on to hope as you boldly shift your gait toward positivity.

Learn To Say No

How can you best protect your energy as you go forward? When you’re stuck in the very thick of the ruckus, you can often lose sight of your strength and resilience. If you feel the world is pulling out the rug from underneath you, take control of your life. Learning to step back and say no is one of the apex tips for finding calm in the chaos of life.

Stressful days full of mental clutter can harm your well-being and freedom. Set clear boundaries and structures to your day, and delegate tasks accordingly. Saying yes to fresh experiences and opportunities makes sense, but don’t stretch yourself to a breaking point.

Do Something That Nourishes You

What’s your salve in life? What heals you? What gives you a sense of peace? Is it music, meditation, or a nice, warm bath? Is it spending time with loved ones, alone time with yourself, or an activity that nourishes your soul? Sometimes, laughter is truly the best medicine, and relaxation often brings about unexpected clarity.

Do something that gives you joy—find an activity that rejuvenates or engages your mind and body on a deeper level. To avoid numbing out in the chaos of life, the merry mayhem of what you love may bring the soothing energy you crave.

Find Comfort in Your Surroundings

Instead of surrounding yourself with chaotic clutter, create a clear-cut space where you can find rest. Look in the unique direction you desire to go for your home’s interior design; find one that’s enjoyably cohesive and consistent. Sticking to the essence of multi-faceted flow is one of the dos and don’ts of eclectic style. Lean your aesthetic toward minimalist concepts, such as simplicity and elements of the natural world. If you can find internal comfort in your home, yourself, and your everyday surroundings, everything else will eventually fall into place.


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